Thursday, July 30, 2009

After a long time...

Ahh! I cannot believe that its been more than 3 months since I have not updated my blog. Not that it matters to many or may be anyone , but then its good to continue what you have started. Finally today I have found some time to sit down and update the blog.
A lot of things happened since april 17th. Not that I recollect every detail , but some events that happened were
  1. April 29th - A new haircut. After a long survey online and friends here , I finally found a stylist for my haircut. I have always been very choosey when it came to my haircuts.If you wonder why this was an important event then let me tell you that I have changed my stylist only twice in 10 years. So finding ONE in this unknown place was quite a task I must say. But in the end ,I was happy with the outcome. But I still miss my stylist back in India.
  2. June 2nd -25th birthday. My first birthday away from home and without my parents. But then Shaunak made it really special for me. Midnight cake cutting and then a nice thai diiner on the day. I enjoyed it all.
  3. June 3- Vacation time My first trip to the Mid west and the east coast. This was also my first solo air travel ever. It was an amazing experience. I visited my cousins in Chicago. I also got the opportunity to explore the city all by myself. After Being born and brought up in a palce like Mumbai , traveling in the city alone was not atall a challege. And then there was my cell phone, Shaunak and google maps to help me if I needed any help. I think such experinces make you feel independent and confident.
  4. June 6th-Meet the parents' is what happened next. My inlaws were in US for a while and got to spend more time with them than their two kids. We visited our relatives on the east coast and had a lot of fun. Post marriage I had not got the opportunoty to exclusively spending time with them
  5. June 14th was Shaunak's Graduation walk.. We came back from the East Coast after a 10 day long vacation on June 13. June 14th we attended the walk. What a grand ceremony it was! Felt so proud to watch him take the walk and being hooded by his two guides. But not more than what his mom and dad were feeling. It was such a proud moment for them. I could see it in their eyes. It was then that I felt that I cannot experince what they were feeling as parents.
  6. June 15th -June 19th The following week passed really fast. The feeling of being a daughter in law was now sinking into me.. Planning everything right from breakfast to dinner , I was all set to show them my culinary skills. I must say they were very impressed. . We visited Solvang, LA and a few places in and around Santa Barbara. Everything was soo much fun.
  7. June 20th-See off Parents. Didnt realise how time passed. Their 21 day trip was now in its last leg.
  8. June 21st Six Months. Both of us were a little down and sad after the parents left, but then Sunday was a day to celebrate and get back into mood..It was our 6th month wedding anniversary. And like our evrey month anniversary we also celebrated this one in grand fashion. But unlike our traditional cake cutting this time we opened a Bottle Of Wine and rejoiced.
  9. June 21 till date... Life has been very much a routine and I am still enjoying my housewife/homemaker status without being bored...