Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Crack(ed) Pot...

Once there was a water bearer who used to supply water to his master who lived up in the hill. The water bearer used to carry two pots of water tied to the end of the pole which he carried across his neck. He used to fill both the pots with water and walk all the way up to the hill. But one of his pots had a crack in it and the water in it used to leak. By the time the water bearer reached his masters place ,the cracked pot would only be half filled. This happened for days. But the bearer never mended this pot.
Then one day , the cracked pot decided to have a conversation with the water bearer. He said ,"I am really sorry for my acts and I feel guilty". The water bearer replied,"My dear , you are guilty of what. You have done nothing wrong". The pot said," I am ashamed of myself. For the past so many months i have a crack in me and i can deliver only half my load because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your master's house. Because of my flaws, you have to do all of this work, and you don't get full value from your efforts".
The bearer only smiled at this and asked the pot to look around as they walked up the hills to his masters palce. The pot saw beautiful flowers all the way . When they almost reached teh masters palce , the bearer asked him ,"My dear , did u see the flowers?" The pot replied,"Ya I did , but that doesnt lessen my guilt. I am still sorry for my act."
The bearer smiled nad replied ,"Did you notice that there were flowers only on your side of your path, but not on the other pot's side? That's because I have always known about your flaw, and I took advantage of it. I planted flower seeds on your side of the path, and every day while we walk back from the stream, you've watered them. For months I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate my master's table. Without you being just the way you are, he would not have this beauty to grace his house."

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