Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Am... By Hemant Trivedi

For those who dont know who he is .. He is India's leading fashion designer.
Few years ago he met with an accident which almost left him dead.. and ofcourse he didnt want to die.It was during this period that he realised and discovered a new tolerance in himself which he never new existed.
When the accident took place the only question that crossed his mind a million times was "Why me?". The answer he got was that may be people were jealous of him.. Well that ofcourse didnt make sense..Then one day he met a stranger.. 'an angel in disguise' he claims.. the stranger said the accident happened to him because he was the only one who could face it, fight it and win it.He was chosen to get hurt because he had the strength to bounce back.

A very similar article that I came across was about Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbeldon player.. Arthur was dying of AIDS which he got infected due to the blood he received during a heart surgery. He received condolences from his fans . One letter said."Why did God have to chose you to go through such a bad disease?"
To this he replied."In the world over 5 crore children start playing tennis, 5o lakh play tennis, 5 lakh learn professional tennis, 50000 come to the tennis court, 5000 reach the Grand slam, 50 reach Wimbeldon , 4 to teh semis and 2 to the finals..And only 1 wins. When I was holding the cup I never asked God..WHY ME?.........
Inspiring.... isn't it?.....

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Snehal said...

Hey very nice posts. I used to follow mind over matter while in India.Keep posting :)