Friday, March 20, 2009

I want to go back to the time when......

This is a very beautiful poem that I came across today. I am sure most of us will agree to this..

I want to go back to the time
when "getting high" meant "on a swing",
when "drinking" meant "apple juice",
when "dad" was the only "hero",
when "love" was "mom's hug",
when "dad's shoulder" was "highest place on earth",
when your "worst enemies" were "your siblings",
when the only thing that cud "hurt" were your "skinned knees",
when the only thing "broken" were your "toys" and
when the "goodbyes" only meant "till tomorrow".....
..those are the days I cherish n wish to go back in time......
And those were the BEST days of my life.......


वैभव said...

Nice poem.... There is this beautiful Ghazal by Javed Akhtar on same lines...

mujhko yaqeen hai sach kahti thi,
jo bhi ammi kahti thi,
jab mere bachpan ke din the,
chaaNd mein pariyaaN rahti thi.

ek ye din jab apnoN ne bhi,
hamse naataa toD liyaa,
ek vo din jab peD ki shaaKhen,
bojh hamaaraa sahti thi.

ek ye din jab saari saDken,
rooThi rooThi lagti hain,
ek vo din jab aao khelen,
saari galiyaaN kahti thi.

ek ye din jab jaagi raaten,
deevaaroN ko takti hain,
ek vo din jab shaamoN ki bhi,
palken bojhal rahti thi.

ek ye din jab laakhoN Gham,
aur kaal paDaa hai aaNsoo kaa,
ek vo din jab ek zaraa si baat,
pe nadiyaaN bahti thi.

Dhanashree said...

wH Vibhvav ... very nice ..